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building-deer-exclosuresMemorial-wood-plantyed-in-a-spiral-near-HenleyPlant protection

Unless trees are planted in a benign environment such as a garden, trees and shrubs are likely to need some sort of protection against rabbits, hares, deer, horses and farm stock.

Different sites and species have different requirements but it is the bottom line that counts. Tree / shrub protection is frequently the most expensive part of a tree planting scheme but it may be a number of years until the cost-effectiveness of the protection becomes apparent. With so many years of experience on different sites JPH Forestry are able to advise on and provide the best type of tree protection.   

Re-stocking-felled-conifer-with-native-broadleavesReplanted-with-native-broadleavesRe-stocking woodland

Tree planting is our speciality, whether it is re-stocking felled woodland, creating whole new woodlands, parklands schemes, avenues, hedges and landscape planting.

Our plants come from specialist nurseries which are generally visited in late summer to assess the quality of the planting stock. Good plant handling is essential from the time the trees are lifted until they are planted in their final position. Here at JPH we try and heel all bare-root plants into the ground until they are needed rather than leaving them in bags. Although we have used a tree planting machine on the occasional very large job there is no better way to plant than the traditional spade and size 10 boot.

Woodland infrastructure

Roading - tracks, stacking areas and culverts

Access is often a problem for work in woods because of ground conditions or lack of a road frontage. Sometimes it is just a question of improving a gateway, whereas in other woods, rides may need opening up and culverts improving.  We can advise and assist with these capital projects which will give the wood a long term benefit.



Felling and selling.   We use a small group of contractors as felling contractors with their specialist felling and extraction equipment to carry out the work. We supervise to ensure good workmanship, a tidy site and as economical outcome as possible. The timber is then sold at roadside or directly to the sawmill.

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